The Beloved Retreat Experience;

      The Beloved Retreat was founded in 1999 by Old St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in

Chicago IL and was started in Canada in 2016 by Dr. Terry Nelson-Johnson with the

help of St. Anne’s Parish Tecumseh and Most Precious Blood Parish in Windsor.

Our hope is that, together, we can rediscover what often eludes us, but what God wants

us to know: that we are Beloved! We offer a safe, open and inclusive environment in a

quiet, pastoral setting where you can explore your relationship with God and yourself.

Following the retreat, you will have opportunities to stay in touch through Legacy

Dinners, Small Group Faith Sharing and annual events — to help us stay connected

and to deepen our roots as a community of believers.

      The Beloved Retreat is an interactive weekend retreat experience (Friday evening to

Sunday afternoon) inviting participants to contemplate the unlikely, giddy, and

provocative prospect we are actually passionately Loved by God. More than 1,900

people have participated in the Retreat during the course of the last eighteen years. In

Canada the Retreat is held two times a year and welcomes retreatants whose

demographics are, gratefully, very diverse: Single and married; long standing church

members, and those who have never crossed the threshold of a Church; young people

and “seasoned veterans;” “Practicing” Catholics, Alienated Catholics, Hurt Catholics

“Iffy” Catholics and sisters and brothers from other religious traditions. The retreat has

proved to be invigorating, healing, transformative, provocative and comforting for

many. Please consider joining us!

    2019 Beloved Retreat Dates: May 31, Jun 1 & 2,  2018 and Nov. 15, 16, 17,  2018

         The retreat is held on the beautiful grounds of the Holy Family Retreat Centre 

                                    in Oxley Ontario, on the shores of Lake Erie.

                           Retreat Fee: $250 includes all meals, lodging and Supplies.

                                Click here for Beloved Retreat Registration Form        

              For more information or questions regarding Gift Certificates and Scholarships,

                                                  contact Nancy Asciak at


                                                St. Anne Parish, Tecumseh.


       Following the retreat, you will have the opportunity to stay connected through two

Legacy Meetings (Dates of be announced) and these will be followed by monthly Faith

Sharing Groups on the first Tuesday of every month. Please join us for dinner in the

church hall while guest speakers help us to reconnect and reaffirm our identity as God’s

beloved sons and daughters.

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