Children's Church

Children's Programme Offered During Mass:

We currently have 2 programs offered at the 10am and 12 noon Masses each Sunday:

   Our Jr. Children’s Church program is for children ages 2 to 5. They meet in the chapel basement. You drop your child off before Mass begins and pick them up after Mass. This program teaches the Gospel of the day to our youngest parishioners through games, songs, stories, crafts, video’s, colouring etc.

    Our Sr. Children’s Church is for children ages 6 to 12. The children are called out of Mass after the opening hymn and return at Offertory time. This program lasts for approx.. 25 minutes and includes movement/dance to Christian music, games, prayer, the Gospel message, intercessory prayer and monetary offering.

For parents with little ones under the age of 2, we offer our comfort area in the foyer. There are couches to sit on; a TV to watch what is going on in Mass, washrooms with change tables in each of them, a drinking fountain, space for little ones to run around and a toy area upstairs with a small TV and videos for little ones to watch and stay occupied. This area is available during every Mass. (Coordinator –Nancy Asciak)

   Infants and children under the ages of 2  Comfort area and toy room (Foyer main floor and upstairs in foyer)

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