(RCIA) Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

What is the Christian Initiation of Adults?


    It is a rite that celebrates the decision of one wishing to become a Christian in the Catholic Church

    It is a community event which initiates new members to itself

    It is a journey to Christ, alive and present in His people


Together we learn Christian teaching, Christian values and morality, we develop a life of prayer, and we become active in the Christian community.


You may be interestd in the R.C.I.A. if:


    You are NOT baptized and are considering becoming a Catholic

    You were baptized in another Christian Church, but now wish to become a member of the Catholic Church

    You were baptized in the Catholic Church and now as an adult you are seeking Confirmation

    You are a baptized practicing Catholic who wishes to deepen your understanding of the teachings of the Church


R.C.I.A. classes run weekly from September until May.  If you are interested, please contact Dr. Bob Langlois

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